Printer maintenance

We have been printing our prototype so hard, that now the printer needs maintenance 😅.

But we have ordered new parts already, so we will be back on track soon.
And then complete the printing and be able to assemble the prototype 😊.

Charles Camarda’s visit went great!

On Tuesday 28.03.18 we had final presentations of our projects with special guest Charles Camarda – founder of NASA Epic Challenge.

Presentation went great, Charles evaluated us with “good work” and was really interested in our printed parts of an engine we designing.

We also made a picture with him. He is in the middle.
Have a look at that. 😊

Unfortunately, I am not in the picture because I had personal staff.

Although presentation was final, we are still continuing our work. Now we are finishing 3D printing, grinding printed parts and assembling our concept of “electrical jet engine” with electronics as well.

After that we certainly need to test it to see if it is working. 😂


P.S. Newspaper “aamulehti” wrote an article about Charles Camarda’s visit. Have a look on that as well. In Finnish.

Final presentations tomorrow 28.03.18. Charles Camarda’s visit.

Tomorrow is the time already for final presentations of project groups of NASA Epic Challenge project in Tampere.

We are ready with our results and cannot wait to present what we have completed during the project and receive some valuable feedback for improvement.


As well, Charles Camarda will have a lecture tomorrow named “Epic Challenge: How to Populate Mars?” which will take place at 17.00 – 18.30 in TAMK auditorium R1-01. Come and listen. 😉

Charles Camarda visit Tampere on 28 of March

Charles Camarda (former astronaut, founder of NASA Epic Challenge) is going to visit Tampere on 28th of March, where all the groups will present their work. This is a deadline for our project and we are aiming to present a good work accomplished out there 😉.

Our 3D printing of required parts is going smoothly and in time.
But we still need to prepare a presentation and a poster for our work to show what has been done during the project; except the drone prototype we build, obviously.  And we are doing it right now along with printing and assembling the prototype.

We should be ready for the visit 👌. 

Long time, no see

It has been quite some time since the last post. Many holidays has past already, but we did not had all this time for rest.

We continued our work of creating flyable Mars drone.

While waiting for 3D printer to come, we designed 3D models of parts we need. And now when we have the printer in our hands, we are  more than ready to move the project on; therefore, we have already started the printing process.

We can’t wait to see how it will be 😉

Let the Brone begin!

When we came to the first meeting of NASA Epic Challenge project, 5th of September, we did not have any idea what we are going to do in the project. The only thing we knew was that we are going to tackle epic challenge of sustaining humans on Mars. It includes many subproblems such as Resource assessment, Super robust food production, Mars suit, Mars chamber and others as we know now.

But back in our first meeting, without any idea about what is coming next, we were just all excited to be a part of such huge project from NASA, everyone with his/her own feelings and expectations about the project. First things covered were, obviously, introduction to what is the project and what challenges are there for us to face as well as team formation.

Although it took longer time than I expected to finally form the groups, it was done and then we started to solve the challenges right away. Joking. We first had decided about team management and policy; met collaboratory – online platform where we will work during the project; learnt how to write weekly reports. But it is the beginning, right?

After that the real work starts. And it starts from choosing your challenge topic, obviously.
Our team as well as one other team from Tampere has chosen new and untouched in “Epic Challenge” project topic – Mars Drone.

I bet you are already imagining some quadcopter flying around above the Mars surface, transporting objects or people, analyzing area, or being a guard of the camp. Well, is it a quadcopter? We do not know. How can we make drone fly in Mars’ atmosphere when it is so different from atmosphere of the Earth? What design it should have? Which power source should be used? That is what our team has taken as a challenge – “Flyable Mars drone”. And that is where the name of our team comes from as well.


We are planning to use our differences as a tool in finding the best solution to the challenge and implement it. To help us innovate, we study methods and working approaches used in NASA such as ICED, biologically inspired design, TRIZ, PUGH and others. Although sending actual drone to Mars is out of our league, we will do our best in creating concept or prototype of the drone that will one time start to serve our common goal of Sustaining humans on Mars.